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VW’s record of shame gets worse

A new book is out with all the sordid details of how the German auto company cheated an estimated 500,000 American VW owners.  The shocker in the book goes farther than that.  It reveals how long and how hard VW fought to hide its massive, worldwide fraud. “Publisher’s Weekly, said the book is a “tale of corporate greed run amok.”

“Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal,” was written by Jack Ewing, a New York Times reporter based in Frankfurt, Germany. The book’s author told The Atlantic, in an in-depth interview about VW’s fraud on May 23, 2017, “Not only did they cheat, but then they went out and crowed about how clean they were.  That turned what was already a pretty serious regulatory violation into a consumer fraud.”

The sorry tricks VW used to hide the truth

The New York Times reported VW’s cover up spanned years and “…lasted until days before the company’s lies were exposed.”  A few weeks before VW publicly admitted its massive fraud in September 2015, VW employees in Germany destroyed thousands of documents to hide evidence of its cheating.

The final road to disaster for VW

In 2014, graduate students at West Virginia University discovered that VW diesel engines were spewing up to 40 times the amount of nitrogen oxides allowed in the U.S.  Word of their findings triggered investigations by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  Its investigation lasted nearly a year, while VW falsified technical documents and new emissions tests to throw regulators off the track.

But then, VW pulled one of its boldest tricks. It recalled 280,000 cars to “update them.” As The Times reported on May 17, 2017, “…it used the recall to enhance the ability of the software to recognize when a car was being tested.”  One minute after the end of standard test cycles, the “updated cars” began spewing out the original amount of pollution.

On the 8th of August, 2015, a VW employee blew the whistle, admitting to CARB that VW had been cheating on U.S. emissions tests for years with software in engines designed to detect when the cars were being tested.  On September 18, 2015, the German auto company finally admitted publicly that it had been cheating diesel engine car buyers worldwide for years.

The legal race to make it right

Wayne Wright is a leader in the effort to get justice for some of the cheated VW buyers.  They decided to sue the auto maker rather than take a buyback offer replete with delays and other obstacles.  Wayne Wright is one of America’s top trial lawyers.  He is a member of the Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  CNN celebrated his 2014 Litigator Award during prime time. The Litigator Award and Forum membership are based solely on high dollar winnings for clients.  Fees, agreed upon in advance, are only due when Wayne Wright wins cases.

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