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Are today’s cars really that safe?

The number of auto recalls these days makes you wonder what’s up with that. Scores of cars are being recalled for major defects that cause fatalities and minor defects like faulty screws in windshield wipers that make the wipers suddenly quit working.

Meanwhile, traffic fatalities were up sharply in the U.S. in 2015 when more than 35,000 people died in auto crashes, ending five decades of declining deaths on American roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The President and CEO of The National Safety Council (NSC) told Newsweek, it’s the biggest jump in 50 years.

How many deaths are caused by auto defects?

Experts deny that defects in autos are the reason for the increase in deaths. NHTSA attributes the big jump in fatalities to more driving due to job growth across the nation and human error – drivers who are “drunk, drowsy, speeding or unbuckled.” It cites all the new safety measures built into cars today – air bags, electronic stability control, forward collision warning, other warning features and back-up cameras.

Do auto companies cheat on their safety devices?

But one of the most widely touted safety features – the Takata air bag – has caused some of the most gruesome deaths worldwide. The bags were filled with ammonium nitrate.  It explodes when moisture seeps into the bags, sending metal shards slamming into driver’s faces, severing arteries in the necks of some.  Takata knew about the defect for years but refused to admit it.

Auto manufacturers’ mantra: profits before people.

That attitude has a long history in the automotive business. The sorry chronicle of defects that major auto companies denied for years has eroded trust in the industry.  Examples of killer cars abound – among others, cars with fracturing seat belts, cars that exploded in flames after rear-end collisions and others that suddenly accelerated, also killing their occupants.

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