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Plenty of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones in Austin

SAMSUNG CELL PHONE ALERT:  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have banned all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones on flights originating in the United States.  No passenger will be allowed to board planes with this cell phone on their person, in carry-on luggage, checked luggage or cargo.

Austin’s young, plugged-in population no doubt persuaded parents and grandparents to buy Samsung cell phones when they were introduced with a big shout out on social media and TV in August 2016. Everyone knows kids and teens love the latest technology.

The phones got one rave review  after another.  They had wraparound glass screens ideal for “artists, architects and people who would rather write by hand than type on a screen.”  Their Korean manufacturer reportedly sold 2.5 million of them in the first month.

The phones started exploding!

But the phones turned out to be hand held bombs. Their rechargeable lithium ion batteries were highly susceptible to overheating.  Samsung should have been more careful with the cell phone’s design.  The dangers associated with the batteries were well known since the pioneering work on them started in 1912.  By 1991, their safety risks were no secret.

The fires that the cell phones cause are serious, burning up cars and inflicting severe second degree burns.  Samsung recalled the phones within weeks of introducing them and offered customers new products in exchange.  But the replacement phones also caught fire and have been recalled.

The danger’s not over. Cell phone owners may not return them promptly for refunds or the fix that the manufacturer recommends.  It’s a familiar scenario in the auto industry where ignoring recalls have caused tragic wrecks.

Lawsuits already being filed against Samsung

The South Korean company is being hit with a barrage of lawsuits, charging it with false advertising, damaging property and injuring victims. Wayne Wright can represent you in a cell phone case or in any other type of incident that injured you.

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