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New fingerprint technology highlights Uber/Lyft dangers

People are beginning to wonder why Uber and Lyft don’t fingerprint their drivers. Taxi companies do it routinely to make sure their drivers don’t have criminal backgrounds. Yet Uber and Lyft are doing everything they can to avoid city, and other government requirements, that they add fingerprinting to their background checks. They use only names and social security numbers to check a driver’s record.

Both companies claim their background checks are more than adequate, that fingerprinting doesn’t improve safety, and it adds a burden to their companies. Austin, Texas is proving them wrong. It recently began using new finger print techniques to screen would be drivers and caught 86 applicants with serious criminal backgrounds, according to CNBC.

Uber recently had to pay $25 million to settle a law suit filed by city attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco, charging it with lax safety checks that endanger riders.

Why are authorities so concerned with ride-sharing safety?

Drivers for Uber and Lyft across the country have been charged with sexual assault and rape. Uber has been sued by victims in Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, South Carolina, and Florida. Lyft is facing sexual assault lawsuits in Washington, California and Florida.

The lawsuits have been filed by women, almost without exception, who say Uber and Lyft drivers took advantage of them at night when they were being driven home unaccompanied after an evening of partying.

Uber and Lyft drivers have also been suing the companies for a change in status. They claim they are actually employees, not contractors as the companies’ insist, because of rules and regulations that govern their employment. According to Bloomberg News, a federal judge in San Francisco has rejected Uber’s claim that its employees are contractors. Uber recently settled lawsuits for $100 million with drivers in California and Massachusetts who sued to be classified as employees, according to NPR although it still refused to change their status.

Wrongful death lawsuits have also been filed against both companies. In San Francisco, an Uber driver struck and killed a 6-year old girl in a crosswalk.   In Florida, victims are suing Lyft drivers involved in two fatal collisions with motorcycle riders.

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