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Negligence causing rise in wrongful deaths

In 2016, the death toll on America’s highways skyrocketed, taking its biggest jump in 50 years. According to The New York Times, negligent drivers using “new apps” behind the wheel, including Snap Chat, Waze, Pokemon and car Wi-Fi are to blame.

Negligent construction companies have caused an increase in worker deaths. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the private-sector work force today.”

In 2015, a bridge under demolition collapsed in North Carolina, killing two workers. OSHA found the plan to destroy it was “flawed” and changes to remedy it were “grossly inadequate.”

In 2016, OSHA cited construction companies in Philadelphia after five workers died from falls in one month. A Houston contractor was cited six times in 10 years for unsafe trench and excavation work.  In 2016, it paid a $124,000 fine for negligent, “willful trenching violations.”

Deliberately hidden negligence killing Americans

In 2004, Takata air bags began blowing up in drivers’ faces killing or seriously injuring them. Takata denied they were defective. For years afterward, as The New York Times reported, the air bags were routinely installed in cars made by 11 manufacturers.

General Motors knew for more than 10 years its ignition switches were defective before admitting it, according to The New York Times.  The cars caused 13 deaths when they suddenly accelerated out of control.

In June 2016, a defective gear box in a Jeep Grand Cherokee killed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin. USA Today reported NHTSA had alerted Fiat Chrysler that April about the defect.

Victims turn to wrongful death law suits for justice

When companies continue marketing defective products, or drivers insist on using new apps while driving, and their actions cause a death, they are liable. When individuals, companies and even governmental agencies fail to exercise a reasonable amount of care or deliberately hide dangerous defects to maximize their profits, they have violated the law.

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