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Is your doctor making bad decisions for you?

Your physician may not have the right information HE OR SHE NEEDS to prescribe medications for you. They could be making decisions “based on bad data” that is hidden from doctors and the scientific community by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 2015, the New England Journal of Medicine (JAMA) criticized the FDA for not letting medical or scientific communities know about “allegations of research misconduct in clinical trials.”

Xarelto is a recent example

Doctors depend on medical journals for information about drugs. Despite the stellar reputation of most journals, articles can have “falsifications” that the FDA does not correct. An independent investigation into the safety of medications revealed that “the FDA knows about dozens of scientific papers ….whose data are questionable – but has said nothing.”

Using a Freedom of Information request to secure FDA audits of 16 sites where Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) was tested, the investigator found “misconduct, fraud and fishy behavior” so blatant at eight of the sites that the data had to be discarded.

Three other clinical trials meant to test the “safety and effectiveness” of Xarelto had issues “grave enough to render the data worthless.” Yet an article in The Lancet about the drug makes no mention of “falsification, misconduct or chaos behind the scenes…” at test sites.

The investigation concluded that doctors around the world are “basing life and death medical decisions” on studies the FDA knows are not credible and, despite the number of lawsuits filed by Xarelto’s victims with uncontrolled bleeding caused by the blood thinner, it remains “mum” about the information.

Clinical trials conducted abroad also raise questions

Literally thousands of drugs are being tested abroad in third world countries where it’s cheaper and there’s less red tape. But tests are much harder to monitor and biological differences in people may affect their responses.  In 2008, 80% of the applications for new drugs approved by the FDA were tested in foreign countries.  According to a PBS News Hour report in 2015, the increase in the number of tests abroad is “explosive.”

Wayne Wright goes after drug companies that hide information

Drug companies know about falsifications in the trials even before the FDA audits them. But they do not reveal them to the FDA.  Wayne Wright has successfully fought against this kind of dangerous fraud.  Wayne Wright is one of America’s top trial lawyers.  His numerous legal awards are proof of his ability to win cases on behalf of clients.  You only pay fees, agreed upon in advance, when Wayne Wright wins your case.  Calls and evaluations are free.

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