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Some 30,000 to 40,000 Americans, Austin residents included, could still be victims of the “…most flawed medical implant sold in recent decades.” That’s what The New York Times called the DePuy ASR Hip replacement system in November 2013 when Johnson & Johnson first agreed to settle thousands of lawsuits filed by its victims.

Why the DePuy ASR is so dangerous

The DePuy ASR is an all metal hip implant. Its parts grind against each other with daily use as the metal ball rotates in the metal socket, imitating the natural movement of the hip joint’s bone structure.  But the constant grinding of metal against metal shaves off metallic debris that is toxic, releasing it into the hip where it damages existing bone and tissue, sometimes beyond repair.  The poisonous debris can also enter the bloodstream and adversely impact vital organs.

You could still be in danger

DePuy ASR hips implanted in 2009 and 2010 could still fail. According to Johnson & Johnson’s own estimates, the DePuy ASR will fail in five years in about 40% of patients.  That leaves 60% of those who received the implant before it was recalled at risk.

How long should a hip replacement last?

Traditional hip replacement implants, composed mainly of ceramic and plastic parts, usually last 15 years. None of the traditional devices have metal-on-metal components.

History of the fraud

The DePuy ASR was hailed as a great advance in hip implants. The artificial hip’s all metal construction promised longevity beyond the life of its plastic and ceramic competitors.  But some worried about its performance.  Johnson & Johnson conducted an internal test to see how the DePuy compared to a competitor.  When the test revealed problems, Johnson & Johnson did not tell doctors.  The company considered redesigning its artificial hip but decided against it.

Metal on metal hip replacements began failing at a rapid rate shortly after they were introduced. In the UK, 29% of all metal devices implanted in patients there failed after six years, according to a British medical registry.  The DePuy ASR was recalled in mid-2010.  In 2013, Johnson & Johnson announced a multi-billion dollar deal to settle DePuy ASR lawsuits.

Wayne Wright is ready to help Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy implant victims

Call Wayne Wright’s Austin office. The firm has an outstanding record of representing victims of medical fraud, recognized in 2014 by Wayne Wright’s Litigator Award.  Less than 1% of America’s lawyers ever quality for this award.  It is based entirely on a lawyer’s winning record for clients.  Calls and evaluations are free.  There’s no fee unless Wayne Wright recovers for you.

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