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Danger: Defective recalled cars clogging U.S. roads

This Wayne Wright Alert will help you understand an unexpected danger you could face going to the grocery store, to work or driving the kids to school. It’s real and it’s growing.  The proof is in the massive number of recalls hitting the auto industry and the American public today.

Record numbers of recalled cars are rolling down American roads, some with potentially serious unrepaired defects. The federal government is tracking the danger.  What it found is alarming. The Congressional Research Service reports that of the “more than 120 million cars that were recalled between 2013 and 2015, 45 million had not been repaired as of mid-2016.”

According to the CSR, it is “rare” for every owner of a recalled car to bring it in for repairs, especially if it’s part of a big recall. In June 2016, NBC News reported that as many as “one in five vehicles on U.S. roads” had at least one unrepaired defect under recall.

Safety experts say some of these cars are “death traps,” according to an article in Forbes Magazine.  The article calls the cars “time bombs.”

The new car you bought could have a dangerous defect too

NBC News reported that “Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi are building cars with newer but still faulty Takata airbags “rather than shut down their assembly lines” to wait for new parts.  Takata airbags have exploded in minor collisions, killing drivers with bits of shrapnel that slashed their throats.  Unfortunately, some car owners haven’t been able to get their cars fixed because dealers have routinely run out of replacements for the deadly Takata airbags.

How did this happen?

Wayne Wright knows the auto industry caused this crisis. It’s common for car manufacturers to use the same part in many of their models they make because it cuts costs and boosts profits.  If the part fails, thousands of cars can be affected.

The National Highway Safety Administration has no power to order them off the road. The Federal Trade Commission decided in early 2017 to let General Motors and two auto dealers tell  say their used cars are “safe” or “certified,” if they also tell buyers a recall hasn’t been repaired, according to Forbes Magazine.  Now, more dealers are selling recalls that haven’t been fixed.

Wayne Wright’s alerts protect the public

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