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Austin’s traffic:  A permanent nightmare?

Austin Traffic

Austin has the worst traffic in the state.  Interstate 35 between U.S. Route 290 and Texas State Highway 71 is the most congested section of road in Texas.  A 30-minute commute can morph into a 75 minute nightmare.  In fact, the Department of Transportation urges drivers to allow a full 150 minutes if their travel plans include that route at rush hour.

Another section of I-35 – between Highway 71 and Slaughter Lane – is the second most congested roadway in Texas.  Inattentive drivers and growing congestion are said to be the main causes for accidents on the jammed-up interstate.

Truck accidents on I-35 around Austin are weekly occurrences. A truck accident in February 2016 hospitalized the driver with serious injuries, involved five other cars damaged by the debris and shut down the interstate for several hours in both directions.

Is there anything commuters can do?

Drivers can make commutes more tolerable by decreasing their stress.  Numerous studies worldwide have shown that the stress associated with long, daily commutes takes a heavy toll on drivers’ health.  “Your commute is killing you,” an article on, details the adverse health effects of long daily commutes.  They can cause “…obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress and insomnia.  But there are proven ways to take charge of that stress and, believe it or not, turn your commute into an enjoyable experience.

“Commuting Stress: 6 Ways to Enjoy A More Relaxing Daily Commute,” has excellent suggestions for turning your daily nightmare into a relaxing experience that will also reduce the likelihood of an accident.  It tells you how to take control of your commute, how to find enjoyable activities that won’t distract you from being a good driver, the type of music to best relax you (Mozart) and avoid the road rage that heavy metal Rock and Roll can incite.

If you are in an accident, call Wayne Wright’s Austin office.  You’ll be talking to some of the nation’s finest attorneys -as evidenced by the firm’s Litigator Award – who are also well versed in the Austin area’s long commutes, the types of accidents they can cause and the legal remedies necessary to win your case.


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