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Austin not immune to property damage insurance fraud

Severe weather systems can do incredible damage in Travis County. In March 2016 at least 2 people lost their lives in Austin as heavy winds and rain pelted the area.

The Weather Channel documented the storms’ extensive destruction as floods and tornadoes swept across Houston and surrounding areas, towns near San Antonio and into Travis County, necessitating roof top rescues in the Austin metro area.

In April 2015, heavy hail pounded Austin. KXAN-TV reported home owners filed 524 complaints with the state about insurance companies’ failure to pay for the damage.

Insurance companies can leave policy holders high and dry

No one can predict when bad weather may threaten their lives and homes. But insurance policies they bought to protect them may not pay off, given tactics some insurance companies adopted five years ago to protect their profits.  The Huffington Post reported the companies began making tempting “lowball offers” to policy holders, hoping to avoid paying them what they were due.

Major sources reveal other methods companies have tried to get out of paying policy holders:

  • A road rage driver, mad at another driver, hits a car. The insurance company doesn’t pay the owner of the car that was hit. It says the crash was not an accident. Source – “Tricks of the Trade”American Association for Justice
  • A house catches fire. The insurance company doesn’t pay because – even without proof – it says it suspects arson. Source: Huffington Post
  • Part of a roof blows off in a storm. The insurance company refuses to pay for water damage in the house. It claims the roof was already in poor condition. Source: CNN

Water damage needs immediate attention

Mold is extremely expensive to remedy but it can begin within days if repairs are not made quickly to water damaged roofs, furniture, upholstery, electronics, walls and ceilings.

Wayne Wright has been dealing with insurance companies for 40 years. He knows how to successfully represent clients when these companies negotiate in “bad faith” to avoid paying policy holders what they are owed.

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