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Austin drivers: Passing a school bus has dangerous consequences

Austin made national news on September 2, 2016. It was a Friday, the end of the first week of school. By then, 900 drivers had been cited for illegally passing school busses and 2 children had been hit.

Thanks to cameras in school zones, all the law breaking was videoed. The drivers face big fines.  The kids were lucky.  They were unhurt although the footage shown on national TV new shows was highly disturbing.  One boy rolled up on the hood of the car after he was hit and then fell on the pavement.

There are some simple laws that must be obeyed to keep kids safe. They are easy to remember.  Now is a good time to review them by taking the following test.  For newcomers to Austin, there’s another good reason to take this quick test:  Laws about passing school busses differ from state to state.

Here’s a quick, entertaining review of Texas school bus laws

This Austin American Statesman website has a fast-paced, four-question test with illustrations that will tell you all you need to know, quickly bringing you up to speed on what you are required to do around a school bus packed with kids.  Importantly, this clever, quick test could prevent a tragedy.  Nobody will know your score but you.  It’s a fun video and you can brag about yourself on Wayne Wright’s Facebook page if you are proud of your score!

Taking the test can keep you out of trouble and save you money. Otherwise, you could be caught on camera violating the law.  The most important consideration that bears repeating – taking the test could save a little life!

Austin traffic has increased, adding new drivers every year

The Austin area has lots of new residents who may not know about Texas laws governing driver behavior around school busses. According to the Austin Business Journal, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States!  Since 2010, the Austin metro area population has grown by 15.8 percent – that’s more than 19,000 new residents.  The growth rate is not new.  Austin and its surrounding areas have been growing exponentially every year of late.  That’s not expected to change.  So scores of new cars, with drivers, who may not be entirely familiar with Texas laws, are being added to Austin area traffic every year.

Wayne Wright urges you to keep kids safe

Caution around schools is a paramount concern of all Wayne Wright lawyers. Your safety is too.  The following fact will help you in case you have an accident.  Wayne Wright’s winning record on behalf of clients was recognized in 2014 by a Litigator Award.  This rare honor is based solely on winnings for clients.  Less than 1% of lawyers in the U. S. ever qualify for this honor.  You don’t pay Wayne Wright unless the firm recovers for you.  Calls and evaluations are also free.

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