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Austin diabetics beware: New diabetes drugs can be dangerous

No warnings on original Invokana labels

Invokana was a sensation when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it in 2013. It secreted excess blood “sugar” in the urine.  All diabetic drugs until then controlled insulin levels.

But it had cardiovascular effects that were not included until 2015 on the drug’s label. It raised HDL and LDL cholesterol levels significantly in the first 30 days.  High LDL cholesterol is linked to heart problems.

Federal government issues warnings about ketoacidosis

Within the first year of Invokana’s use, 20 cases of ketoacidosis were reported in patients taking the drug. Doctors became alarmed.  Ketoacidosis is rare in Type 2 diabetics.  It is common in cases of Type 1 diabetes.  Invokana and other SGLT2 drugs can cause ketoacidosis.  They include Jardiance, Farxiga, Invokamet, Glyxambi and Xigduo XR.  In 2015, two years after Invokana was approved, the FDA ordered drug companies to put warnings about ketoacidosis on SGLT2drug labels.

Side effects of ketoacidosis

Ketoacidosis can turn deadly within hours of developing its most serious side effects. At first, patients may only have a very dry mouth, feel thirsty or urinate more frequently, according to the American Diabetes Association.  Once vomiting begins, they must seek medical care.  Ketoacidosis develops when the body uses fat for energy instead of glucose due to low insulin levels.

Victims of SGLT2 inhibitors have a champion in Wayne Wright

Call Wayne Wright’s Austin office immediately if Invokana or any of the other SGLT2 drugs caused you needless suffering and pain. The call is free.  So is the evaluation.  There is no charge to represent you unless the firm recovers for you.

Wayne Wright’s successful representation of clients was recognized by a Litigator Award in 2014.  This honor is based solely on winnings on their behalf.  Less than 1% of attorneys ever qualify for this prestigious award.

Other side effects of SGLT2 drugs

They include amputations of the foot and leg, Hypoglycemia, kidney failure, bladder cancer (testing is underway) and breast cancer (testing is underway).

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