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Austin Water Damage Lawyers

Would you stay in a card game if you thought you couldn’t win? The answer is “no.” So how do you collect for water damage when the deck is stacked against you? Call Wayne Wright for help. Insurance companies have the majority of rights under water damage provisions in your home owner or business owner policy. Don’t go at it alone.

Fighting Insurance Against a Water Damage Claim?

Is your water damage – from above or below?

Water from storms is covered. Water from a flooding river or a lake is not. You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy for that. But hurricanes, tornadoes and major storms can soak homes and businesses too, ruining walls, cabinets, carpets and furniture. Mold can develop in hidden spots. It’s extremely difficult and costly to get rid of. Leaking pipes in the walls can cause it. So can any hidden leak.

Hot water heaters and toilets commonly cause leaks you may not notice. Crawl spaces, attics and basements can collect water from hidden leaks. Air conditioning units can develop hidden leaks. So can dishwashers, washing machines, windows and old, leaky pipes in your walls. Freezing weather or minor clogs in pipes can cause leaks.

Why it’s hard to collect for water damage.

Claims must be submitted within 30 days. The average home or business owner isn’t familiar with construction methods or costs. But everything must be listed in the claim. If the deadline isn’t met, the right to collect could be lost. To save an insurance company’s money on a claim, some of their adjusters turn in low ball estimates. Some insurance companies may claim the leak came from a source your policy doesn’t cover, like wind, so they don’t have to pay you.

Your insurance company is not your best friend.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Recovery can be tricky. Assessing water damage is a complex process. Wayne Wright will help you meet your policy’s deadlines and keep your insurance company in line.

Get what you deserve if you have water damage.

Wayne Wright is one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America. His credentials include a Litigator Award. Less than 1% of the nation’s lawyers qualify for this honor. It will be our honor to stand by your side in your time of urgent need. We do not bill by the hour. You only pay us if we recover for you.

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