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Abilify Lawyers Austin

When a company neglects to inform the consumer of all possible side effects, they need to be held accountable. Every buyer should have the proper knowledge to make a decision they feel is most beneficial to themselves and their loved one. Call us now if you’ve been effected by Abilify.

Austin Abilify Attorneys

Most individuals trust the drugs they are prescribed by their medical professionals. We often tend to read the prescription side effects to determine whether the risk/reward tradeoff is accepting to our personal standard. However, when companies fail to notify consumers of detrimental aftereffects you can in-turn be left feeling violated and taken advantage of.

Compulsive Behaviors Abilify Neglected to Mention.

Abilify failed to mention within the prescription literature that after taking the drug the likelihood of you acquiring compulsive behavior is indeed a risk. With 85% and roughly $7 billion annually of it sales profiting from the US alone, it is yet to be discovered on how many lives Abilify (also known as, Aripiprazole) has negatively effected. Being the best selling drug in its market, there have been many who are believed to have fallen victim and you may be one of them.

Acquiring compulsive behaviors from Abilify may have caused different situations of uncontrollable urges. These situations range from compulsive gambling, excessive shopping, hyper-sexuality, over eating, etc. The craving for those actions started when you began your prescription and terminated shortly after the drug was discontinued, allowing you to be the person you were beforehand. Contact us at Wayne Wright, LLC. to speak with an experienced attorney today and get the justice you are entitled to receive.

Our Lawyers Will Help Get the Justice YOU Deserve.

We know what you’re up against. Let our team of dangerous product lawyers in Austin go to bat for you to represent your case in front of the company that caused you harm. We’ll fight for you to get a settlement that will help you regain the loss you suffered from these compulsive behaviors. With our help, you can also serve up punitive damages to the corporation that caused you and your family so much heartache and pain.

Call us today to learn more about the types of dangerous product cases we represent and learn how we can help you.

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